Customer Feedback

The following are some selected messages of customers feedback, support and thanks that we have been lucky enough to receive. For more stories and customer messages, connect on LinkedIn or through another of our social presences using the links at the top of the page.

“Thank you very much for the excellent Intelligent Advisor / Policy Automation training – so useful to meet someone able to deliver the training in both English and French.”

CRM Team Lead, France

“Great course, with lots of relevant examples – very helpful.”

Oracle Policy Automation Customer, Finland

“Thank you for the Consulting engagement recently. We were able, with your help, to identify several areas where we had failed to apply best practice and have made gains in performance as a result”

Oracle Policy Automation Customer, France

“Great knowledge and easy-to-work-presentation style. Good use of NLP techniques to manage this large group”

Project Manager, International Telecoms, Turkey

“Richard is an amazing and very knowledgeable instructor and was very patient and accommodating towards all of our numerous questions. I learned a tremendous amount!”

Government Agency, Canada

“Probably the best training course I have ever attended in 20 years of IT work”

Project Manager, International Insurance Company, Belgium

“Thank you so much for your consulting time over the last few weeks. We have now a much better handle on where we need to focus for the integration of Siebel and Intelligent Advisor.

Insurance Company, Switzerland

“Great overview and thanks for comparing the architecture of 10 with 12 – most helpful”

Government Agency, Switzerland

“Keep people interested and entertained for solid days of technical training – objective achieved in fine style”

CRM Team Leader, Global Financial Services, France

One of the best customer facing executives I have ever worked with. With deep skills in Marketing, Sales and Service he was an invaluable asset to the organization. Be it in Education/Training Delivery, Business Development or Technology focused Services delivery. We had great success working together …”

Executive Director, International CRM Consultancy, India & Silicon Valley

“You simply make the difference in front of customers. As they appreciate the man, his knowledge and competency. Always a pleasure to work with you”

Senior Presales Consultant, Global Software Corporation, Europe

“Your optimization service really improved the quality and image of our website. Our Intelligent advisor interview is very popular!”

Sales Director, International CRM Consultancy, France

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