The OPA Blog is moving! Meet the OPA Hub!

The OPA Blog is moving! Meet the OPA Hub!

The OPA Blog has outgrown this site and is moving to another address : update your bookmark lists and you will find the OPA Blog here:

The entire content of this BLOG has moved there (apart from this post!). All posts have been moved and the structure of the site is the same.

The Blog has, for the occasion, been renamed the OPA Hub. The site has been created in the image of the Siebel Hub, our other successful Community Site focusing on Oracle Siebel CRM. In time, the OPA Hub will grow and content will span the same areas :-

  • Jobs for OPA Consultants (available now)
  • Events for OPA People (available now)
  • Partner List of OPA Specialists (under construction)
  • Quizzes and Learning about OPA (under construction)
  • Articles searchable by Reader Type (under construction)

The OPA Hub in 2017

The OPA Hub welcomes you!We look forward to providing the resources for the OPA Community described above, as well as continuing to feed the Blog of course. To celebrate the move, we will be publishing our irregular Newsletter in the coming weeks also outlining some other exciting content we have lined up for 2017.

The main reason for the move, of course, is to give the site room to develop and not get caught up in the minutiae of this site, which will remain as our Corporate Website and will cover our Education, Consulting and Mentoring services and related announcements.

Thanks for reading and see you soon on the OPA Hub Website.