Oracle Policy Automation & Siebel CRM


Consulting Services

With experience in CRM reaching far back into the early nineties and many years of experience as users, educators and project personnel, we are well placed to advise on the specifics of your project.Following the recognized methodologies specific to CRM (eRoadmap, Blueprint, CRM On Demand) and always working with the upgrade in mind, we help customers make their CRM more efficient and better used. On Demand Education Ltd offers several consulting service packages.

  • Train the Trainer is a complex service, tailored entirely to each customer scenario – based on the target populations of end customers (the trainees) and the experience of the staff (the trainers) as well as the company’s maturity of vision for CRM and company culture and market space.
  • Pre and Post-sales Consulting services are proposed either as individual units or as part of larger service packages. We bring our experience to your needs analysis workshops, solution design, configuration and optimization.
  • Oracle Policy Automation Get Started Package – designed to allow new business teams to adjust to the constraints and mechanics of producing clear, readable and effective Oracle Policy Models and Rules. Our best-selling book is also available.
  • You can find a raft of Community Content produced by On Demand Education Ltd on the following Sites : Youtube, the Siebel Hub and of course on the OPA Hub Website.