Oracle Policy Automation & Siebel CRM


This is what we do

CRM Education is the core of our business and we are proud of our track record. Since the nineties we have been delivering technical (consultant, configurator, integrator) and functional (business analyst, end user, administrator) Education Services to software companies, partners and end customers. Today we specialize in Oracle Policy Automation and Oracle Siebel CRM.

Worldwide Experience
We have delivered Education and Training in over 30 countries around the world. Our clients are from all kinds of industry and service backgrounds and size of company.

Captivate our Audience
Our presentation goal is to captivate, educate and motivate. Whether this is for a large or small group, our attention to detail is the same.Classroom training need not be boring, dry and dull.

Enjoyment is Key
We believe that students will learn more if they are enjoying themselves. This is true in terms of environment, exercises and interaction in the classroom.

Communicate and Community
We strongly believe the power of community works both ways. You have to listen, learn and understand as well as offering your own opinion.

Listen and Learn
We have been attending the industry shows for almost as long as they have been in existence. And before we get involved with you, we know that  training needs to be organized and planned in the context of the project, not just at the drop of a hat. We listen before we propose.

Use it or Lose it
We strongly believe that the best way for us to keep on top of the CRM and Policy Automation world and deliver the best education is to continue to be consultants, users and configurators ourselves, every day.

Varied Styles
Learning Styles and key to understanding how people react in the physical or virtual classroom. As in real life, different people learn in different ways. We strive to provide stimuli in different formats to keep every student engaged.

Multi Channel
Talk to us in any number of traditional or more recent ways or channels. We like to hear what you have to say. Don’t take No for an answer.

Media Choice
Every Medium is a Potential Solution. Classroom, Online, Web Conference, Paper-based. We don’t make any assumptions about what channels are right for you.

Formation sur mesure, formation technique ou fonctionnelle. Toutes nos prestations sont disponibles en français comme en anglais, avec un support de cours approprié.