Oracle Policy Automation & Siebel CRM


Team Mentoring

With our Mentoring Service, we customize and design your own, bespoke series of events (web conference, on-site meeting, workshops, design tutorials, analysis sessions) to drive your team forward and create the knowledge and competency specific to your needs.

We specialize in Oracle Policy Automation, CRM and Social CRM Mentoring Services for end customers and Integration Partners who have completed their initial training and now are embarking either on the first phase of their project or their first customer engagement.

We assist with:

  • Custom Workshops for your CRM / Social CRM Project Team
  • Brainstorming Sessions to study customer requirements and select appropriate, best-practice solutions
  • Web and Face-to-Face sessions to cover new subjects, review trends, analyse your needs
  • Design and Implement your Competency Centre for Policy Automation
  • Building Oracle Policy Automation Skills in your teams
  • Workshops to assess your end-user needs for training and assistance

We make no assumptions regarding the channels and modes that are right for your organization. For more information read our Mentoring Service Description PDF.

A mentoring service is not  a training service. We do not provide Oracle University training courses through these sessions.