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About the OPA Hub Web Site

Richard NapierIn 2014, I, together with fellow Siebelites Bruce Daley and Alex Hansal, set up and launched the Siebel Hub, a Website dedicated to the entire gamut of Siebel interests (Jobs, Blog, Events, Quizzes, Videos and more). So my Siebel content goes there now.

And so I was looking round for a place to put my OPA content. When my good friend and fellow OPA fan Raj came on board and some guest authors offered some excellent material, it was time to find a place for OPA. The OPA Hub Website follows the same pattern and structure as the Siebel Hub.

Visit  The OPA Hub Website. You’ll find hundreds of article over there!

That website covers Oracle Policy Automation and we continue to provide, where appropriate, examples in English and French to illustrate the challenges of writing in a language other than English, and the site and the book try to avoid the trap of assuming everyone speaks only English.

Those who know me will concur that I have an immense interest in both natural language and the management of the customer. OPA represents almost the perfect storm in that respect. I continue to expand the OPA Hub Website with new articles based on my day-to-day experiences with students of Policy Automation, as well as hopefully explaining some of the interesting parts of the product to all.

This crystallized in the creation of Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation and Getting Started with Oracle Service Cloud.